Facebook | Where Your Customers Already Are

Facebook is one of the largest social media networks on the world wide web. In fact, recent reports revealed that there are as many as 1.71 billion mobile active users, which is an increase of 22.2% from last year. Further research shows that most users spend at least fifty minutes a day on this social media platform liking pictures, posting and making comments. What does all of that mean for your business? More potential customers. Facebook marketing should be a part of your business’s marketing strategy.

Yes, Facebook marketing can bring increased awareness to your brand and establish customer loyalty. However, to yield results on this platform, it’s important to employ the best strategies.

Get Into Users’ Feeds

In order to ensure that you secure a spot in the newsfeeds be sure to only make relevant, engaging posts.  The company’s algorithm determines what is shown to users based on relevancy.

To give your business a competitive advantage you should:

  • Create posts that are engaging and organic
  • Implement videos
  • Avoid making your posts too “salesy” by incorporating a backstory when making promotional posts
  • Determine posting frequency by analyzing past results. Some studies have shown that brands receive more user engagement by posting on Thursdays and Fridays. On the other hand, results vary depending on the industry and other factors.

Managed Facebook Marketing

North Shore Site and Social Marketing can help you achieve the above and grow your business through Managed Facebook Marketing.

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