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If you want to reach millennials, one of the best platforms to target is Instagram. This social media site, which allows users to share photos and short videos, is not as widely used for marketing as Twitter and Facebook… yet, There are, however, many ways to use this fast-growing platform to build your brand and get more customers. Instagram for small business is particularly powerful, as it gives you a platform to engage younger audiences. And now’s the time to get grow your brand in this space before the competition grows.


The Growth of Instagram

While the growth of social media giants Facebook and Twitter have leveled off, Instagram is continuing to grow. Instagram marketing is particularly appropriate when targeting a young audience. According to Pew Research Center, about 28 percent of adult internet users in the United States use this social site. However, when you consider adults between the ages of 18 and 29, that figure jumps to 55 percent. In other words, the majority of young adults in the U.S. are on this social network. Let’s look at some of the best ways to leverage this site for marketing to a millenial audience.


Create Stories

Stories is a new feature, similar to stories feature on SnapChat. This allows you to arrange photos and videos around a theme. When you create stories, your profile will be visible to everyone who follows you. This makes it a good way to get extra attention, especially while the feature is still new and not yet widely used. Keep in mind, however, that stories are only visible for 24 hours. This makes them a useful tool for publicizing events such as openings, flash sales and the introduction of new products.


Share Videos

Initially, you could only upload 15 seconds of video. This year, however, the length has been increased to 60 seconds. You can fit in quite a bit of information or entertaining content in a full minute. You should be aware that videos have twice the engagement of photos. Millennials are especially fond of videos and are likely to share compelling ones. Keep in mind that videos on social sites should be interesting, funny or otherwise worthy of sharing. People are not likely to appreciate or share videos that are overly promotional.


Engage Users

Engagement is extremely important when you want to connect with millennials. This means liking and commenting on other people’s photos and videos. You’ll get much better results if you take the time to acknowledge your followers. This doesn’t have to take up too much of your time. If you devote a few minutes per day to engaging new or existing followers, you’re likely to see impressive results. It’s even more important to reply to comments to your own material. When you like a photo, that doesn’t mean you have to follow the account.


Test the Best Times to Post

When posting photos and videos, you should learn to do it at the most opportune times. This varies depending on your time zone and demographic. When targeting millennials, keep in mind that many members of your audience are not necessarily working a typical 40 hour week. Many, for example, are probably in college. This makes it difficult to predict exactly when they’ll be checking their accounts. The only way to find out the best timing for posting is by testing.


Link to a Relevant Landing Page

Social media posting on its own doesn’t grow your business. For this, you have to convert followers into customers. That’s why one of the most important Instagram for small business tips is to have a link in your profile to a good landing page. If you have an online store, you can link to a page where people can easily search for products they might be interested in purchasing. If you’re collecting email addresses, you should link to a page with an opt-in form.


Invest in Sponsored Ads and Posts

Sponsored ads are one of the most potentially lucrative types of Instagram marketing. As with Facebook, you can target the people who see your ads. You can specify, for example, that you want to reach people within a certain age group. You can use ads to send people to your own profile or your website. This can be an effective way to build up your followers or gain new subscribers and customers. Another paid advertising option is sponsored posts. To do this, you have to find large accounts that are targeting your demographic.

These are some of the most effective ways to get the most out of Instagram marketing. As this social media site continues to grow, it will become an increasingly powerful tool for building your brand and acquiring new customers. North Shore Site and Social offers a full Managed Instagram Marketing service, building a strategy around the above points that best fit your business and brand.





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