Why Small Businesses Need Social Media Marketing

While 43 percent of small business owners spend six hours or more on social media marketing, one-third of business owners want to spend less time on online marketing. However, online marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach potential customers. Social media marketing has a 100 percent higher lead-to-close rate than traditional outbound marketing. Small businesses that use this technique can increase their revenue, build customer loyalty and retention, reach out to more customers, and market new products effectively.

Facebook Remains King

Out of all of the social media websites, Facebook remains the most popular option for small businesses. Roughly 90 percent of small businesses have a Facebook profile, but only 70 percent of businesses are on Twitter. Out of the businesses on Facebook, 66 percent of businesses use the site several times a week or more.

The popularity of Facebook is due to its large user base and advertisement options. Facebook ads let companies target users according to their purchase history, interests, location, age, education level and industry. Users that visit a company’s site can also be redirected to Facebook so that they have a direct connection to the business.

North Shore Site and Social Marketing can help devise a meaningful Facebook marketing strategy and apply it to your unique business needs to help you drive new business and keep your existing customers engaged like never before.

Using Instagram for Small Business Social Media Marketing

While Facebook is the leader in online marketing, Instagram is quickly catching up. On Instagram, companies can post photos, captions and promotions for their customers. The photographic focus of the website is perfect for window shopping. Followers on Instagram can be given unique promotions and discounts so that they feel like an exclusive club. Behind-the-scenes photos of the business enhance the exclusivity of the social circle and provide background information on how the products are made. Plus, Instagram helps to make the business more personable for employees and customers.

Instagram is also the social media platform most appealing to aspiring millennials. This demographic spends the most money as a consumer, making investing here vital to reaching customers who are ready to not only make purchases, but share their excitement with the rest of the world. Let North Shore Site and Social Marketing custom-tailor an Instagram marketing plan for your business today.

Increase Exposure and Brand Recognition

Small business social media marketing is perfect for companies that need to find new clients. Often, customers are unaware of small businesses or their products. An estimated 85 of marketers saw a boost in business exposure after creating online profiles. Sites like Twitter allow businesses to set up keyword streams that let the business find customers who need their product. Customers who never knew about the business will be able to discover the company and the products that it offers. Each post is a way to increase the visibility of the brand and improve exposure rates.


Beat the Competition

With so many corporations boosting their online presence, small businesses cannot afford to be left behind. An estimated 91 percent of brands use more than one social media platform. To keep up with the competition, small businesses have to create online profiles. Businesses that are already online already have a customer base, followers and leads that give them an edge. The sooner small businesses join the game, the sooner they can catch up.

Build Relationships

Long ago, customers only interacted with a business when they shopped at the store or received an advertisement in the mail. Now, businesses can interact with their customers on a daily basis. Instead of just selling a product, businesses have a chance to build a relationship with their customers. Online sites and profiles allow companies to cheaply advertise new products, influence tastemakers and go viral.

Get Customer Feedback

Many small companies cannot afford to conduct surveys or perform in-depth research on their client base. Fortunately, it is not necessary to hire taste testers or mystery shoppers to understand what customers want. Online sites allow businesses to get immediate, real-time feedback from their customers. They can post surveys for free online before a product is even available. As a result, small businesses can learn what products and promotions work before they heavily invest in them. If a product does have a problem, the company learns about it before the problem becomes a public relations disaster.

Boost Search Engine Rankings

Social media marketing is a key way to boost search engine rankings. For a company to rank highly in the search engines, they have to receive online traffic. Backlinks from social platforms help to drive traffic to the main website. When the search engines see the rise in traffic, they automatically adjust the company’s search engine ranking. Once this happens, the business receives additional traffic from organic search engine results without having to pay anything for them.

Increased Sales

The entire goal of a business is to increase revenue. An estimated 70 percent of business-to-consumer marketers received their customers through Facebook. Customers can only buy from a company if they know that it exists. The brand recognition provided by sites like Facebook allows customers to learn about the business and develop a relationship with the company. More importantly, online sites allow businesses to market promotions, products and services. From offering online discounts to personal interaction, Facebook and other sites can help every business boost their sales.


Customers Do Not Know That They Are Being Marketed to

When an advertisement appears on television or the radio, people naturally ignore it. After years of hearing advertisements, no one wants to waste their time listening to another ad for a holiday sale. Fortunately for small businesses, customers do not realize that they are being marketed to on Twitter and Facebook. They think of these sites as a place to connect with friends and interact with posts. As a result, businesses can market to customers without the customers ever realizing it.

Social Platforms Are Low Cost Advertising

Small businesses often have a limited marketing budget. A traditional campaign can easily cost thousands of dollars a month, and most businesses cannot afford this cost. Online profiles and campaigns are the cheapest way to advertise. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other sites let businesses advertise to customers based on specific interests, demographics, and more.

North Shore Site and Social Marketing have many years experience managing Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter advertising for large corporations and aim to bring that expertise to the local small business to help them become more successful than ever before.

Why Small Businesses Need Social Media Marketing

Social media is important for business success. Brands do not have an online presence until they are able to interact with customers across every social channel. From boosting brand recognition to getting customer feedback, social channels are a key way to streamline the company’s marketing goals. Online sites let companies interact with consumers like a friend or family member. This interaction encourages brand loyalty and ensures the company’s long-term success.

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